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Your Vegas Domme

Apply to Serve
Your Vegas Domme
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Applications & Contracts

Address me as Mistress, Mommy, or Goddess Stella.

Demonstrate unwavering respect to me as your Dominant.

Exercise patience, recognizing that constant contact is not realistic.  My responses will be at my discretion.

If your desire is to please me, understand that financial contributions in the form of tributes and gifts are an integral part of our interactions.

Recognize that my standards are elevated, mirroring the luxury I expect in both my own endeavors and the service you provide.  Being a part of my world is a privilege that requires dedication and obedience up to my standards.

Immerse yourself in my video content.  Express your admiration, appreciation and respect for the passion I invest into my FemDom artwork and a lifestyle befitting a divine Vegas Domme.

Subscribe to my OnlyFans and/or LoyalFans, as these platforms offer a unique opportunity for us to connect and enhance the depth of our interactions.

Stay updated on my latest developments by following me on Twitter / X.

Application Requirements

Step 1: Slave Application

Upon submission of your Slave Application form, you will need to immediately send the $50 application fee through YouPay. In the Tribute comment section add “APPLICATION FEE”. Applications sent without payment will be discarded.

Your invitation to my Novice Slave Application is a direct result of your expressed interest in serving me.

The meticulous design of my application process aims to unveil the essence of who you are, enabling an assessment of our compatibility, your training needs, and your intended role in my dominion. Rest assured that all information disclosed in this application is treated with the utmost confidentiality, never to be shared with anyone else. Discretion and ensuring the safety of my subs are paramount, reflecting my understanding of the privacy requirements within this dynamic. In return, I expect absolute discretion and respect for my privacy as well.

Misalignment on these fundamental principles may lead to the decline of your application and the cessation of our interactions.

The progression of applicants with me is contingent upon your responses and factors related to my current circumstances. Balancing a busy private life, I may, at times, limit my intake of new subs. The questions in my applications are intended for validating reasons, communicating expectations, and for vetting quality connections.

Pour your subservient heart into your responses, and await my response patiently. If, for any reason, you do not hear from me within 3-5 days, you are permitted to check in as I am a very busy Mistress with many vying for my charming attention.

Step 2: Virtual Interview

After you’ve submmitted your application, your next step is to book a 20 minute virtual Skype interview with me for $200.

Step 3: Submit Session Fee

Upon booking your Virtual Session, submit your tribute via the link below to YouPay. 

Step 4: Applicant Interview

After my review of your application and our virtual session I’ll consider your desire to serve me online and /or in-person further.  I’m choosy about sharing my energy and I highly value my time.  Patience in awaiting my replies is necessary, and expressing gratitude for my attention is essential.

Should you get accepted to serve me for an in-person experience, your next step is to refer to my Protocol below.

naked masked sub kneeling next to Goddess Stella Sol
masked submissive licks the foot of his dominatrix in vegas


I am presently residing in Las Vegas, NV, where I conduct the majority of my in-person pro domme experiences at the most distinguished hotels along the iconic Vegas Strip. I also have access to private, rentable dungeon space available upon special request. Outcalls are not optional.

  1. I refrain from offering sexual services, and my sessions firmly adhere to the principles of legality, safety, and consensuality, ensuring a secure and ethical experience for all participants.
  2. I approach the client screening procedure with utmost diligence, only considering individuals who have submitted applications through my official website with information that meets my safety requirements. The confidentiality of all personal data is rigorously maintained, with a firm commitment to never share such information with other parties.
  3. A non-negotiable prerequisite for in-person experiences involves the imperative submission of a deposit.
  4. I require at least two hours for new in-person experiences, allowing ample time to unearth the depths of a submissive’s inwards psyche and outward manners, and to foster the blossoming trust between us.
  5. I am unable to accommodate same-day appointments. To secure a session, advance booking is always required.
  6. Punctuality is of utmost importance; therefore, every client is expected to arrive at the agreed-upon time. In the event of a delay, prompt communication is required and appreciated. It’s imperative to note that tardiness will result in our time being cut short and will not be credited.
  7. I retain the prerogative to cancel any in-person meetings based on my judgment, prioritizing the safeguarding and improvement of my well-being, safety, privacy, or comfort. Additionally, I maintain the right to cancel in instances of a natural disaster, pandemic, essential alteration of my plans, or any unexpected emergency. Refunds or credits of your deposit will be granted solely under these explicit conditions.
  8. I anticipate that all clients maintain cleanliness and a well-groomed appearance to ensure a mutually comfortable experience.
  9. I refrain from accepting clients under the influence of alcohol or drugs, as cultivating a safe and respectful environment is paramount to me.
  10. I value my privacy and respect yours as well, so let’s keep our communication strictly professional.
  11. The use of concealed cameras is strictly prohibited, and any violation of this policy will result in the immediate termination of the session and becoming “Black Listed”. If you desire the capture of photos or videos during our session, be sure to communicate this preference with me in advance, as I appreciate the opportunity to help create lasting memories, even for personal use only. For individuals willing to be featured in my online content, a mandatory step involves signing my 2257 Model Release Form and providing a clear photograph of your identification.
  12. Gifts are generally expected by the Domme, but as a good submissive, you already knew that. 

My Favourite Kinks

Goddess Worship, Financial Domination. FinDom, FemDom, Sissification, Feminization, Cross Dressing, Humiliation, Cuckolding, Coerced Bi, Slave Training, Slut Training, HomeWrecker Fantasy, Blackmail Fantasy (only with my trusted subs), Hypnosis, Orgasm Control, Tease and Denial, Breath Play, JOI, CEI, CBT, Mommy Domme, Foot Fetish, Body Worship, Latex, and Leather.

My Hard Limits

Blood, scat, racial humiliation, pedophilia, age play involving minors, incest (outside of Mommy Domme fantasy adult role play), beastiality, non-consensual acts of any kind, permanent or severe bodily harm, anything illegal, or suicide encouragement.

Slave Application

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