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Virtual BDSM & Custom Femdom Clips

Virtual BDSM & Custom Femdom Clips

Custom Femdom Videos

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Content Guidelines

Many of you have particular fetish scenarios in mind that you would like me to actualize in videos. 

Whether your custom femdom clip idea involves the nurturing persona of Mommy Stella, a strict exploration of chastity training, demanding instructions from your provocative boss, the enticing allure of a seductive cuckoldress, or any other delightful arrangements of my preferred kinks, I invite you to complete the questionnaire for my assessment, approval, or denial. You are welcome to provide sufficient details to convey the desired fetish scene, ensuring realistic expectations. 

I kindly require that you refrain from using authoritative instructions or submitting extensive screenplays, as I will not consider reviewing such details without an additional fee of $50 designated specifically for the extra review time. 

Rest assured, with over a decade of professional experience, you can trust that I am well-versed in my craft and understand the intricacies of your desires.

Be sure to read through my Begin page for information regarding my favorite kinks and hard-limits.

Custom femdom videos are produced in the order in which they are paid and received, and can take up to 4 weeks for delivery.

Custom videos can be expedited by selecting an “Add-on” in the custom form.

Personalised Dick Ratings

Initiate the tribute first; then provide me with 1-3 clear, well-lit photos or a short video for my assessment and response about the situation between your legs.

You can send your content to: Dick rating videos are shot vertically from my cell phone and will be sent back to you within 3 days.

Cock Rating Rates

Audio Recording Reviews
$25 (3-5 min)
$50 (8-10 mins)

Video Clip Reviews
$50 (3-5 mins)
$100 (8-10 mins)

Mini Custom Videos

Mini custom videos are shot vertically on my cell phone, come with no additional editing, and will be sent to you within 1-3 days.

Mini Customs Pricing

$50 (3-5 mins)
$100 (8-10 mins)

femdom vegas based provider wearing strapon and leather lingerie

HD Custom Femdom Video Request Form

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