Online & Las Vegas Dominatrix Experiences

Earn Your Collar
Earn Your Collar
Online & Las Vegas Dominatrix Experiences
gold handcuffs

"In the service of a Goddess, one discovers the sublime beauty of surrender, where strength and vulnerability intertwine in a sacred dance."

closeup of a studded leather collar with leash for submisive

Video Sessions



10 minute minimum

Hosted on Skype

Newcomers must pay $25 to gain access to my Skype ID (one-time fee)

Step 1:

Book your video session in my calendar.

Step 2:

Pay for your video session.

Virtual Session Protocol

I exclusively offer FemDom sessions and do not switch or sub.

Share your fetishes in advance to ensure alignment with my preferences.  Advanced notice is essential for proper session preparation.

No directors.

Disrespectful behavior will result in show cancellation without refunds, and rudeness may lead to a lifetime ban.

No recordings.

Session Logistics:

Video sessions must be paid before our session begins. No exceptions.

Your booked time slot is for one continuous session and will not be divided.

Any no-shows, disruptions or early endings to the session on your behalf will forfeit our video session time without a refund.

Costume requests:

Additional setup time for complicated costume requests, like latex catsuits, incurs a minimum fee for $100 based on the complexity of the request.  Ensure you submit any requests at least 1 hour before our session to be sure I approve it.

domme in vegas shows off her floggers and bdsm restraints
vegas dominatrix in full latex with her slave in handcuffs
submissive kneels beforelas vegas dominatrix in cutout latex boydsuit

customized in-person Las Vegas Dominatrix experiences

Public cash meet experience (30-60 Mins)

Online deposit, plus cash on arrival.

Public location chosen by me.

Dinner & a show experience (2-4 hrs)

 I will make the selection of both the restaurant and the show, unless an alternative arrangement is mutually agreed upon

Spoil me shopping spree (2-4 Hrs)

Public shopping locations chosen by me

Non-refundable security deposit is always required in advance.

Feminization / sissification cross-dressing transformation experience (2-4 hrs)

Indulge in a seductive transformation by Goddess Stella with alluring feminine ensembles, captivating makeup, lush lashes, vibrant wigs, daring nail polish, and other delightfully girly essentials. 

Let the transformation begin with carefully selected supplies, or feel free to bring your own.  As a special treat, I’ll provide a gifted pack of makeup wipes, a refreshing shower scrub, and a petite bottle of body wash.

A non-refundable security deposit is always required 48 hours in advance.

Personalised vegas-based fetish experience (2 hr minimum)

Fetish experience be determined during each prerequisite virtual or phone call.

A non-refundable security deposit is always required 48 hours in advance.

FMTY "Fly me to you"

50% deposit is required prior to departure

Mandatory First Class & 5 star acccomodations for a Goddess. 

US/International options. I am Passport ready and an undeniably perfect FMTY Domme. 

Sub Testimonials

It has been my absolute privilege to be in service of Goddess Stella Sol for 16 years. I’ve had the good fortune to stay (mostly) in her “good graces” throughout much of her career. Observing her ongoing quest to be the best Domme she can be, has been an exquisite example of watching someone grow in authenticity, and in expertise.
She is fair and reasonable in her requests, clear in her expectations, and generous with her rewards. In session, she is supportive, creative, and demanding. She is a craftswoman with the tools of her trade. Those of us lucky enough to have experienced her interaction in live sessions have been repeatedly impressed and humbled.

Her voice and words are captivating, her mind and thoughts are inspiring, and physically… c’mon… She is the model that some creator envisioned. Whether you have sought her out, or have stumbled across her, She is the best in the business. Congratulations! Consider your approach carefully, answer her application questions thoughtfully, and if you’re lucky, She’ll grace you with some of her time.

- Slave Bradford

Whether it be in person in Vegas, taking my Goddess on another shopping spree, or just online during a Skype session, the rush of serving my Goddess Stella will never get old!

I’ve been a very happy paypig for several years now and the thrill of opening my wallet to Her, swiping my card and seeing Her excitement and satisfaction as the cashier bags up numerous gifts is always an exhilarating feeling.

Knowing She will drain me for Her pleasure and leaving me wanting nothing more than to spend more just to hear another “good boy” makes it all worth it. The elation and devotion is addicting and one i will never regret chasing.

Seconds, minutes, hours will blend together and I am lost in the euphoria of serving my Goddess, knowing She will guide me through my deepest desires with the skills She has honed over Her years of femdom work.

And the earned reward of Her attention and the privilege of kissing Her feet, and being on the receiving end of Her suitcase of deviant tricks will always take me to higher levels of devotion and servitude just to continue to be bathed in the warm light of Goddess Stella Sol!

- Billy

For 10 years plus I’ve served at the behest of Goddess Stella Sol. It began online as fantasy and through hard work and determination it morphed into sessioning and light traveling. Nothing marks my life as more exquisite than being her chosen pet, albeit in brief moments. She has a driven soul that yearns to grow and simply watching her succeed is the best thing I’ll experience in my lifetime. Not a day goes by that I’m not working to help her build her best life. I’m consistently 2,500 miles away with only flickers of her time spent on or with me. I am not one of her lovers, I’m not her closest confidant, I’m not on her mind perpetually. I am her sub. Hands down my place has been found and my journey to serve her happiness will never cease provided she continues to do so.

- Toy

Having served Master Stella twice now I can tell you she gets better each time. She really takes the time to learn your desires and mixes them in perfectly with hers. Once she knows your weakness, that’s when you truly feel her presence. She fixated on mine, and wouldn’t let me escape it until the very end of our day. She has a way of seducing and coaxing you with her eyes and words into doing things you didn’t know you would try. Both scenes were different but equally enjoyable. Master Stella can go from stern and demanding one scene to very seductive and sweet the next, always keeping you on your toes. She was very respectful and professional on every level. I have a huge amount of respect and trust in her abilities. I honestly can say that I look forward to serving her again and plan on being a regular if she will continue to have me.

- Blake BDSM
las vegas dominatrix in red latex dress collars her sub in a sequin mask
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